Plastic Surgery Vs. Cosmetic Surgery

It is indeed a misconception of many people that plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are the same because they are not. They are just related, but they have a bit of difference although they are both similar in a way that they are making enhancements on a person’s appearance. Commonly, people have this perspective that a cosmetic surgery is less difficult than a plastic surgery. The terms have been used interchangeably by many people without knowing the real focus of each field that contributes a high importance to the person’s appearance. A lot of people also used the word plastic surgery more often than cosmetic surgery. For this reason, we sum up some important details of what makes a difference between this two.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery differ in philosophies, research, studies, trainings and focus in particular. So we will start with the definition of cosmetic surgery. This type of surgery focuses on one goal and that is to enhance and improve a person’s appearance and this includes such as improving the symmetry and the proportion of the face and the aesthetic appeal. Although the two terms differ in their key goals, plastic surgeons can performed cosmetic surgery in fact they are mostly the ones who does the job. This kind of surgery can be performed in different sections of a person’s neck, head and other parts of the body. If you are still confused, then let us cite some examples such as the facelift, which focuses on the tightening of the person’s underlying facial tissue to give her/him a youthful and younger look. Other examples are the breast enhancement procedures such as breast augmentation, lift and reduction. Also to add the list are liposuction, botox, rhinoplasty and cheek enhancement.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery refers to more of the reconstruction and repairing of a certain defect/defects in a person’s appearance. These defects includes facial and body defects such as burns, trauma, or due to a disease and even those inborn defects or birth disorders. Plastic surgery also refers to as reconstructive surgery mainly because it focuses on reconstructing dysfunctional body parts. This is also the type of surgery that is mostly covered by health insurance primarily because of its aim that is medically necessary unlike the cosmetic surgery. Examples of the plastic surgery are the Hand surgery, the breast reconstruction, scar revision surgery, reconstruction in lower extremity of the person, and those inborn or considered as congenital defects such as cleft palate that has been a huge help for millions of children who suffer from the disease.

Plastic Surgeon Vs. Cosmetic Surgeon

It is also necessary to understand the two to avoid confusion and misconception. Plastic surgeons training differ than those of the cosmetic surgeon due to the fact that they undergone more years in training and has a more extensive training. Plastic surgeons can also opt to undergo a training that specializes in cosmetic surgery and become a cosmetic surgeon. However, not all cosmetic surgeon can perform a reconstructive surgery because again they did not have the same training than those of the plastic surgeons.

Knowing the difference between these two is essential especially when you plan to have this kind of surgery in the near future. Keep in mind that having a trusted surgeon is vital to ensure success.