FITNESS 101: Beginner’s Guide To Work Out Plan

When you decide to finally exercise and get physically fit, then this is the best time to plan for an effective workout plan for you to start with. Most of the beginners don’t know what to do first, and others may feel embarrassed due to their lack of experience. It does not mean that if you are not enrolled in a certain training program, not having a membership card on the gym or any aerobic equipment on your own, then you cannot start it on your own way. The fact that you have decided to be physically fit is the first step of achieving your fitness goals.

The first thing you need to do is to make a workout plan. How? Pick a pen and a paper, write down your goal. Set a schedule of your sessions, this will include the specific days, the workout range, the target time, the duration and the kind of exercise you will do. Like for example, make Monday as your first day of session and add your preferred time so as to keep track on your sessions. It is advised to have your first sessions at your own home and just do the low intensity exercises for your body to slowly adapt with this simple movements and stretches. There are wide varieties of workout exercises that can be found online to guide you. Dancing is also a great way to begin your session. Watch a video or zumba sessions in youtube, follow them and slowly you will notice you are already sweating. Dancing and zumba only requires you to dance, so if you love dancing, then this may be the best starter for you.

If you decide to go outside or have an outdoor workout, then you can have an hour of brisk walking, a simple jogging and track your time and distance travelled. You can use the app on your smartphone when tracking your time and distance travelled. Another great way for an outdoor exercise is biking. So if you have one, then do not hesitate to grab and take a spin outside, ideally half an hour of pedaling is a breath of fresh air. These aerobic exercises will keep your heart healthy and pumping and can also elevate your breathing. An hour of this exercise is a great start for your work out plan. There are many wide range benefits that you may not notice on the first day, but with continued process, then you will surely reach the goal you’ve set.

Body weight resistance exercises are great alternative for aerobic exercises as well. This includes pushups, lunges, squats, and also the weight lifting exercise. Watch video tutorials at home for you to start this with. Body weight exercises helps you muscle tighten and does a lot of improvement for its strength if done properly and regularly, this can also help you have a toned muscle and can make your body in good shape.

The above mentioned workout plans are just your guide to begin with your goal. Keep your goal in your head everytime you workout so that this may serve as your everyday motivation. The key to a successful workout plan is to keep moving, never quit until you obtain the fitness goal you have been dreaming of.