Dr Briggs’ Advice For Selecting The Right Implants For Your Body Type

In this day and age where society places a lot of weight on appearance, it is a relief to know that you can actually enhance your looks safely. This is because cosmetic surgery has evolved over the years to provide procedures which are less intrusive than before.

Dr Patrick Briggs has been at the forefront in carrying out safe cosmetic procedures on the breasts and the tummy. Breast procedures such as breast augmentation and breast lift are done with minimum scarring in order to give you the best possible results. Breast procedures are very popular since they offer women an attractive feminine figure.

Gains From Cosmetic Procedures

There is a lot of pressure for most women nowadays to conform to certain standards that have been set by society. The pressure to look good is always there and no excuses such as aging or pregnancy will be accepted anywhere you go. Whether you are a young girl or a mature woman with grown children, the pressure to look good is more or less the same.

Dr. Briggs understands that women need to look good in order to fit in well in society. It is his priority to hear from the patients what reasons they have to want to undergo a cosmetic procedure. There are patients who come with unrealistic expectations and they can be guided on what is possible and what is not. Patients are given time to think about the procedure and adjust their expectations to what is realistic. Most patients get a confidence boost once the healing process is underway and they begin to see the results.

Breast Implant Sizes

The breast augmentation or breast implant surgery is a very popular procedure which allows women to get a larger breast size. Breasts implants that are proportional to the body or slightly out of proportion can give you a great figure and increased confidence.

Breast implant manufacturers offer a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 100 cc (cubic centimeters) to 1000 cc. The most common sizes that are used range between 300 and 400 cubic centimeters. Choosing the best possible implant the first time round will keep you from another round of surgery to increase the implant size once more.

Selecting The Right Implants

Dr. Briggs offers close guidance to patients when the time comes to pick the type, size and shape of breast implants. The patient can either choose a round implant or a teardrop shaped implant. The shell of the round implant is normally smooth and the implant can be filled by either a soft or firm silicone gel. The teardrop shaped implants are filled with a firm silicone gel so that it can consistently stay in place. The right shape of implant will depend on the breast tissue that you already have, your body frame and your preference.

Implant Profiles And Bases

Implants also have various profiles – the low profile implant which has a wider diameter and a low projection, a moderate profile and a high profile which has a narrow diameter and projects significantly. The teardrop shaped implants also come with different bases – a round base, a long oval and a short oval base.

The best base for you will be determined by the measurements of your breasts. The base of the implant should fit your chest wall properly so that the implant can look as natural as possible. The correct base will ensure that your breasts are neither too far apart nor too close together.