How To Determine Whether You Are A Suitable Candidate For Breast Mastopexy

Has it recently crossed your mind to look into breast lifts because you’ve noticed your boobs drooping? You may have already come across a lot of information about this popular procedure, but before anything else, you should know if you are an ideal candidate. When you first visit a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation, he or she will take a look at your family history and your general health. This will determine whether or not you can undergo the procedure.

Reasons For Wanting The Procedure

Your doctor may be interested to know why you want to undergo the procedure in the first place. Were you inspired by a celebrity’s breasts? Or perhaps a friend of yours underwent the same procedure and you liked the outcome? On the flip side, do you feel like someone else is pressuring you into getting the procedure done, like a spouse or relative? Although, if done professionally, plastic surgery has no major side effects but you still want to be sure that you are doing it for the right reasons. If your doctor decides that your reason does not necessitate a plastic surgery, he or she may choose to decline it.

Plans To Fall Pregnant

If you and your partner are planning for children, then you may want to hold off on having done the breast mastopexy. Sydney surgeon said the surgery may affect your ability to properly breastfeed your baby. Also, since your breasts change shape and size during pregnancy, having the procedure beforehand may affect the end results. There will be no need for the procedure if you will only have yourself regretting it a few months or years down the line.

So who makes the ideal candidate?

You would be considered an ideal candidate if your breasts are drooping or sagging; both of which tend to be caused by age. As a result of aging, your skin loses its elasticity which makes it harder for your breasts to stay perky.

Another reason you could be considered for mastopexy is if one of your breasts is higher or lower than the other. The lift can be done to help both breasts achieve symmetry.

If you are a breast cancer survivor, and had some breast tissue removed, then this could lead to drooping. It could also be necessary if you have had to undergo reconstructive surgery as a result of the cancer. A mastopexy will help you gain your confidence again by giving you breasts that are symmetrical.

What kind of work do you do? Is it physically exerting? This is because, in order to have the best results, you will need to ease of any strenuous activity for at least two weeks following the procedure. This is ample time for your body to heal and repair itself. If you are physically active following the breast mastopexy then you could slow down your healing time.